Segmented lifted doors

These are the most frequently encountered type of segmented garage doors.
The lifting construction of the
door is made from galvanised steel elements in three types of guide rails RES350, RES200 and RES70. The type division depends on the height of the lintel and for a lintel of min.350 mm we install the RES350 (see diagram) for lintels in the range 200 mm- 349mm we install RES200 (see diagram) and the lowest variant RES70 for lintels of 70 mm-199 mm in the case of manually operated doors and also 120 mm-199mm for doors with electric drive (see diagram).

The protective outer shell of the doors is composed of 4 or 5 segments, of a height of 500 or 610 mm, connected with integral hinges. In raise doors we apply four types of press moulding: coffer, horizontally pressed, single pressing and smooth panel. Additionally for this type of doors are available in a choice of two structures: wood-alike - woodgrey or microstructure. Standard doors are available in white and brown colours and also wood-alike such as golden oak, nut, mahogany and rustic oak. At the request of clients we have available the colour range of RAL paint colours and also panels in veneered version in colour of choice from the Renolit colour range.

We also offer a wide choice of additional equipment elements, among which you will find:

- electric drives

- additional protection systems

- windows for garage doors

- ornamental plastic bars

- various types of lock



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