Segmented doors

The segmented doors, which we produce, are products of the highest quality. Adapted to expectations and individual requirements they are so designed to ensure maximal convenience to users. We achieve the great convenience in use of our doors by the application of automatic doors, which satisfy the quality requirements in the range of safety and service.
The most important virtue of the fitting of segmented doors is the fact that in contrast to traditional doors one does not need additional space in front of the garage in order to open the doors. This is particularly relevant if one only has a short drive or if one is adjacent to a busy street.
We make every effort so that our doors are safe and convenient in use, to ensure a long and reliable product life and also a long lasting aesthetic appearance.

We use panels of 40 mm thickness for the production of garage doors, the panels are filled with polyurethane foam, non-freon, of great density due to which good heat insulation is assured and it also constitutes excellent acoustic insulation. Furthermore to prevent loss of heat the door is sealed around the whole circumference with seals, which are made from high specification non-ageing rubber profile of the appropriately selected shapes.

In order to assure you of a product of the highest quality we apply twisted springs in our doors, which perfectly equalise the weight of the curtain, due to which manual operation requires minimal effort.

Additionally each door is equipped as standard with a safety guard in the event of the curtain dropping as a result of the breaking of the springs.
All components of the doors are protected against corrosion by galvanising and multiple layers of paint or foil coating. The door moves along guide rails on rollers, secured by hinges.

Depending on the requirements of the client and the technical possibilities we suggest segmented doors into variations:

- traditional segmented lifted doors,

- side segmented doors.


Side segmented doors
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Segmented lifted doors
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