Garage roller doors


The roller door is a reliable and excellent type of solution that has been proven in all mounting conditions. It fulfils the highest functional, safety and convenience requirements.

Roller doors combine:

- convincing quality

- particular stability

- maintenance free surface

- technical maturity

- multiple application possibilities

- modern design

- convenience in use

- safety

Stability, modern design, roller formed door profile from strong aluminium or pressed moulded strips, filled with non-freon foam, which gives particular stability to doors.

Through multi-layer lacquering of roller formed profile and powder lacquering of press-moulded profile, profiles show up optimal surface resistance to atmospheric conditions and ultraviolet radiation.

Due to the wide range of colours, particularly for press-moulded profiles, we may fulfil every wish concerning colour scheme.

Technical maturity

Bent inspection flaps, with excellent hinge connections (euro patent 137/33), give the coffer roller doors particular stability and aesthetics.

All doors are equipped as standard with protection preventing panels unwinding spontaneously, which makes it impossible for the door to fall by itself.

Appropriately constructed site covers, winding console and winding automation provide optimal guide conduits for the surface of the roller door.

Convincing quality

Innovative technique and precision working are combined for the high requirements in the production of roller doors.

All the important parts of the doors are made of high-quality aluminium, which guarantees long product life. All elements are subjected to strict quality control and therefore show a high level of quality. Even with a very heavy loading and continuous use a long duration of usage life is assured.

Multiple application possibilities

All doors are equipped with powerful electric motors. Operation is through radio controlled, switch or pressure key. As special equipment we supply electric motors with malfunction crank opening, optical electric protection against obstruction bending, profile with peepholes, ventilation profile and various types of circuit breaker switches.



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