External libnds

The hard surface of the external blinds are produced from high-quality aluminium alloy, appropriately profiled and filled with non-freon polyurethane foam. Alternatively we suggest profile constructed from PVC. Both types of profile guarantee endurance, tightness and practically silent raising and lowering.
The hard surfaces are available in a wide range of colours, which ensures their attractive appearance. The air cushion, which remains, which remains in the lower blinds and window, protects again heat loss (reducing heating cost to 37%) and effectively muffling noise.

We suggest 2 different blind box solutions:

System for existing buildings – available in 3 versions:

- with standard box 45°
- with standard semicircular box
- with box rendering 20° or 90°

Boxes and guide rails are available in 2 standard colours (white and brown) and 8 non-standard colours. It is also possible to choose one of colours of the RAL.

Above window roller system – available in 2 versions:

- with box with rear inspection flap
- with box with inspection flap below

Boxes and guide rails in both versions may be executed in white or in an extensive range of aesthetic and long-lasting veneers, identical to those applied in PVC window joinery.

We also offer systems in integrated anti-insect net versions.

Undoubtedly a virtue of external roller blinds is their function as an additional protection against burglary. In order to increase the safety of your home we may acquire rollers with one of five types of blockade giving protection against lifting of the protective barrier from the outside:

- manually operated bolts - that is metal manually operated sliding bolts together with plastic handle, mounted in the end bar,

- automatic lock – automatically blocks the protective barrier after its complete lowering and unblocks at opening with the aid of a tape or string. This lock may be applied only with rollers with a manual drive; minimal roller dimensions: 0.8 x 1.0 m,

- Baskwil lock - is a lock mounted in the final bar, with double sided patent insert for key and 2 keys in the set. This lock is primarily applied in rollers with spring drive,

- blocking hangers - special articulated hangers made from plastic securing the armoured slat sections to the roll cylinder. It is applied only in roller blinds with electric drive. The blocking function is initiated, when the roller is in the lower position - then the gearing or the drive exerts sufficient pressure to bend the hangers and prevent raising the roller blind from the base. Starting the drive causes automatic unblocking of the hangers.




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