for garage doors

Irrespective of the size of the doors, weight and source of drive, the Marantec Comfort series products offer optimal solutions for all needs and requirements. Furthermore they are extraordinary economic call because of the reduction of how we use to a minimum in monitoring mode and the use of energy-saving bulbs and LED diodes for lighting, which ensure sufficient brightness.

Electronic security monitoring against movement effectively prevents unauthorised opening of doors.

Because of the patented Marantec force limitation drive system it identifies obstacles earlier, immediately holds the door and draws it back by approx. 20cm, ensuring for safety to the user and his property. Photocell drive equipment ensures additional protection for the whole family. Photocell transmitter and receiver are optimally protected against damage, due to which the liability of action is guaranteed.

Programmable soft start and soft stop guarantee an unusually quiet door movement, simultaneously protecting door and drive unit. The cost of electronic reference points, which control and steer the door disconnection is guaranteed in the extreme position with precision to a millimetre procession. The door is protected and the life of the whole system is extended.

The extensive range of instrumentation offers equally solutions with the use of radio, has also transmission by conduit. The service options vary widely. Press the button, enter PIN code, automatic closing or electronic readouts, e.g. with chip card.

Marantec drive systems fulfil all the legal standards, which in consequence increases the feeling of well being and security.




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