for industrial doors

Marantec Dynamic xs drive is compatible with all segmented doors.  A world leading, innovative and pioneering application of uniform programming structure for all Marantec drive systems is used.

The Marantec main signal transmission is composed of parts responsible for control signals and also control rails and is the most effective and most intelligent form of communication between drive and control.

The main transmission line is distinguished from conventional transmissions by numerous virtues:

-more rapid reaction and quicker door operation, equally in the case of wide doors, which is connected with reduction of heat use.
- resistance to interference, benefiting problem free operation
- no necessity for complicated programming, because additional modules are recognised automatically
- ability to connect the chosen number of additional modules through only one connection
- unerring, rapid connection due to coloured marking

Dynamic xs is a futuristic modular system, which with the aid of additional elements may be adapted to the requirements of clients.

Possibility of system development:
- remote control
- automatic closing
- photocells
- closing edge protection
- electric connecting strips



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