for opening gate leaves wings

No domestic appliance must withstand so much as the drive for openings swinging gate leaves. Beginning with heat waves, through rainy days to winter frosts. Marantec Comfort drive systems are excellently adapted to all conditions, even extreme conditions. This is assured by solid housing executed from aluminium and pressurised casting of zinc and steel. Based on direct current techniques, which ensure maximal safety and convenience, Marantec Comfort systems drive gates up to 3m wide and of 250 kg weight. Due to a connection system, which is the only one of its kind, Marantec Comfort 520 and 520L drives may be mounted very easily and save time and money. Apart from the standard colour grey (anthracite) one of two options may be chosen.

Virtues of Marantec Comfort twin leaf opening gates:

- all menu levels in fixed positions
- simple and quick starting through programming in 3 steps
- additional accessories have factory setting
- simple signalling of the menu level in which one is

Due to the extensive range of additional accessories one may individually develop each drive system.




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